The solution to most of the US’ political problems

In a US election, most states are pretty much guaranteed to vote a certain way. Amazingly, these political parties are actually distinguishable from one another (this is not the case in my country, in which all politicians are equally corrupt, greedy liars that may as well be in a single political party). These parties have been arguing over the same points for decades.

The solution is obvious. Split the republican states and the democrat states into two separate countries. Swing states can either pick and choose, redefine their borders or emigrate. A couple of suggestions for the name of the resulting republican country are Acirema and ‘merica.

This way, the democratic country can have free healthcare, while the republican country can have all the guns they want and so on.

P.S. This post is tongue in cheek. Don’t take it too seriously (unless you’re a US president and think it’s a good idea!)

One thought on “The solution to most of the US’ political problems

  1. Scophi

    Nah, it would never work. Without the Republicans’ money, the Democratic nation would go bankrupt in a year!

    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” -Margaret Thatcher

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